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About Deb

My enthusiasm for a clever idea, shared discovery, or innovative accomplishment lights up a room. Driven by curiosity, I ask questions and seize opportunities to experiment. I thrive on challenge and exercise courage over mindless conformance.

In unorthodox fashion, I have a reputation for learning and earning. While working in various domains as: computer programmer, systems analyst, software developer, manager, data architect, university professor and researcher, I completed degrees in Computer Systems (AAS), Computer Science (BS), Software Development and Management (MS), and Information Systems (PhD).

I am bold to admit that I am a fun-seeker, enjoy a sweaty-hard work out, and look forward to a cold IPA at the end of a full day. Family is at the heart of it all.

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About Carla

Finding the 'aha,' I bring ideas into reality. I have written code to analyze research studies; designed and led leadership programs; modernized HR processes with cutting-edge concepts and technology; and created volumes of informational collaterals to advance learning and understanding. I have managed people, run business operations, taught university courses, published papers, and delivered conference presentations.

My career spans 30 years in a variety of practices: information technology, data analytics, organizational effectiveness, talent management, and communications. I've lived several industries-health care, manufacturing, and business services.

Friends may find me reading, wandering art galleries, listening to contemporary music, practicing yoga, or walking the dogs, lakeside.


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